Q & A

Where does my donation go?

When a donation is received, it is deposited in our 'SA United Deposit Fund'.  This fund is regulated by our Corporate Secretary and Treasurer.  Only this person can authorize any transfers out of this account.  As such, this account wll only be used to pay deposits for the following expenditures:

  • Artist Deposit
  • Venue Deposit
  • Equipment Deposit
  • Security Deposit
  • Catering Deposit
  • Transportation Deposit

All other expenditures, also being distributed by the Secretary and Treasurer, will be paid out of the 'SA United General Fund'.

All donations marked for a particular fund will be deposited into that account.

After each event. All deposits paid for the event plus 5% of net proceeds will be deposited back into the 'SA United Deposit Fund' in order to build a better and bigger event in the future.  The remainder will be deposited into the 'SA United Education and Prevention Fund' to be used in grants to qualifying agencies.

How is my donation used to be given back to nonprofits?

All donations marked for a specific project or cause will be issued to the grant committee for consideration during grant processing.

The proceeds that are raised during an event for a specific project or cause will be issued to the grant commuttee for consideration during grant processing.

Grant guidelines can be obtained by contacting charles@saunitedevents.com